Applicable scenarios and advantages of induction lamp

Indoor installed induction lamp, to people’s life also provides a lot of convenience, some people buy induction lamp also want to know what is the use of induction lamp?Do you want to know where the induction lamp is more suitable? Let’s talk about it.
One,Where is the induction lamp suitable
1, suitable for corridor
This kind of lamp is used more frequently in the corridor. This is because the corridor road is short and there are more people coming and going. If all the induction lamps are used, they can achieve the effect of people going out, which can greatly save energy consumption and effectively save electricity bills. Usually, the sensor light is installed at the corner of the stairwell, so it can sense who is going up and down the stairs. And the induction lamp has a long service life, even if the frequent switch has no effect on it.
2, suitable for the balcony
Generally speaking, we choose incandescent lamp or absorb dome lamp more when the balcony is decorated, although these lamps and lanterns have good use effect, but also often can appear the phenomenon that forgets to close the lamp. Because this if installs a induction lamp in the balcony, can very good solve the problem that we forget to turn off the lamp. Induction lamp can intelligent induction human body, the person is in the balcony activity when the lamp is steady on, the lamp after the person leaves can be extinguished automatically, go to the bathroom to also be able to compare money.
3. Suitable for corridors
In addition to the corridor, and in the corridor, the use of this kind of lamp is also very common. If an induction lamp is installed in the corridor, when the visitor or host comes back, the induction lamp will automatically light up, so that it is convenient for the owner to open the door into the house, convenient to take the key, and when people enter the house, the induction lamp will automatically go out, compared to the light bulb on, the induction lamp will save electricity.
4. Suitable for utility room
Generally speaking, the space of the utility room is smaller, and the lighting will be poorer. Many users may not find the switch after opening the utility room, and they will put down the things in their hands to turn off the light when they come out, which will appear to be very troublesome. If in the utility room installed on an induction lamp, it can be a good solution to such a problem, when the door into, the lamp automatically lit up, things found directly after the walk, after a few minutes the lamp will be automatically extinguished, do not worry about no one to turn off the light.
Two, led human body sensor lamp advantages
1, the use of integrated design of intelligent lighting tools, selected infrared sensor, LED lamp, photosensitive control system as a whole, the perfect realization of “people come to light, people walk off the lamp”.
2, led human body sensor light response quickly sensitive, and very electricity saving, is a new generation of energy saving and environmental protection products, it is only at night or in the dark area, when someone appears in the induction area, the infrared sensor module will start and detect the signal, signal trigger delay switch module open LED infrared sensor lamp. If the human body continues to move within its range, the LED human body sensor lamp will be on at this time. When people leave the area after the delay off, there is no infrared sensor signal, delay switch in the time set value automatically turn off the LED infrared sensor lamp. The modules return to standby, waiting for the next cycle. In this process, there is no need to manually press the switch, no noise, it is more green and environmental protection.
3, the human body induction LED lamp is efficient and energy-saving, and the performance is stable, and the service life will be longer. The 4W or so body sensing LED light can be comparable to the 40W energy-saving bulb.
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Post time: May-27-2022