How the small night light works?

Now many families have a small night light, with a small night light, it will be more convenient to get up at night, especially for families with small babies, small night light during the work, is to use the switch to open the inside of the luminous body, and then achieve the effect of a light room, so as to bring convenience to family life.  So how does a night light work?  
The principle of the night light is divided into various forms. Here, two kinds of night light working principle are emphasized:  
1, human body induction small night light, which has an infrared sensor switch, can achieve the effect of light, light off, he is composed of capacitive step-down, bridge rectifier, filter, light control switch circuit, relatively energy saving.  
2, light sensor intelligent lamp, light intelligent induction, with you usually see in the corridor is a working principle, there are sensors will detect the surrounding light, light to a certain measure of the small night lamp, will naturally extinguished.  When the light cannot be sensed, the night light will turn on naturally. 
3, voice-controlled induction night light, when the light is strong, the night light is in the closed state, there is a sound night light will not light;  When the light is low, the small night light senses the sound and turns on, triggering the light to turn on. 

Plug-in Sunburst Night Light DMK-005 (3)
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Post time: Jul-11-2022