What is the use of the lunar lamp on earth?

Nowadays, more and more people are fond of lunar lamp. Maybe you can see it in cafe or your friend’s room.So, do you know why this special lamp can be used broadly. The 3D printed lunar lamp is a kind of lamp. As the name implies, it just looks like the real moon. According to NASA satellite images of the moon, the lunar lamp is modeled accurately. Besides, we use solid wood support, through 12h 360°3D printing, layer by layer and then carved into one. Furthermore, PLA organic material is green and pollution-free, comfortable and pleasant, and LED energy-saving lamp saves energy.


Our LED lunar lamp is embossed surface, different thickness of transmittance shows the different convex and dark surface of the moon. When the lights turned off, customers can compare satellite images with our product to find craters and radiation lines. In addition, the effect is extremely vivid, which is an innovative exploration of 3D printing technology in the field of lamps.

Our products are divided into remove control pattern and touch control pattern. You can adjust the color of light if as long as you click and touch it. Besides, you can also adjust the brightness of light by a long press. Warm light is the best lighting tool for study and children's bedroom to protect eyes and promote sleep quality. Cold light is elegant and simple, which is suitable for living room, bathroom and so on.

The lunar lamp will decorate the beauty of your life and add a series of romance to your room. It’s necessary for camping, and wireless charging is durable and portable. Give you a lunar moon which is within reach to hold in your arms, and give you a better and rounder moon. The wish of "hands can reach the stars" will no longer be extravagant.


All these installation options, but no lunar moon lights? Ningbo Deamak Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. — a company focusing on human body sensing, night lights, bluetooth sound lights research and development and production of LED intelligent technology company. The company has a senior designed and developed team, such as our electrical engineers can independently develop power supply, familiar with IC specifications, PCB design and modification, skilled in using Protel, Altium Designer and other working software.  At present,we have three diffrent kind of lunar moon lights.You can see it on deamak.com/producut.

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Post time: Jul-05-2022