In-depth analysis of the development of solar lamp industry

A solar lamp is an electric light converted into electricity by a solar panel. During the day, even on cloudy days, this solar generator (solar panel) can collect and store the sun's energy. As a safe and environmentally friendly new electric lamp, solar lamp has been paid more and more attention. Using solar photovoltaic power generation is an ininvertible trend of energy utilization. China has become the world's second largest electricity consumption market, second only to the United States, with the fastest demand growth in the world. However, due to the shortage of petroleum energy and coal resources, the existing power generation methods are far from meeting the demand of electricity consumption. The promotion of solar power generation is quite urgent and the market potential is huge. For the market, accelerate the development, the solar cell industry is bound to be promising.

From the perspective of "One Belt and One Road" related policies, the state is very supportive of China's solar street lamp industry to go abroad along the "One Belt and One Road". The Belt and Road Initiative spans dozens of countries in Asia, Europe and Africa. Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, North Africa and other regions along the route are dominated by developing countries with imperfect power grid systems and large numbers of people living in remote areas without electricity. There is much to be done in the development of new energy under the Belt and Road Initiative.

Through the development of recent years, China's solar street lamp industry has come to the forefront of the world, with obvious industrial advantages compared with these developing countries. If China can introduce solar street lights into the regions along the Belt and Road through the construction of the "Belt and Road", to a certain extent to solve the problem of their electricity supply, the "Belt and Road" construction will be welcomed by the relevant countries and people. For China's solar street lamp industry, this is also a good way to enter the international market.
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Photovoltaic panels convert light energy into electricity when illuminated, which is stored in batteries. In the late afternoon, when the sun doesn’t shine enough, photovoltaic panels produce less power, Automatic trigger switch, connect the battery circuit to make LED light.
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Post time: Jun-08-2022