Normal white light , Neutral light/Natural light , Warm yellow light

At first, I thought the warm yellow light was very warm and luxurious, like a hotel, so the lights in my home were basically filled with that kind of warm yellow. Later for a long time, more and more unbearable, feel that nothing is real, fuzzy, feel very tired eyes. Then I changed all the lights in my house to warm white light, which is neutral light, and I felt much more comfortable.


White light, neutral light, warm light, with lighting terminology is the color temperature, white light color temperature is the highest, warm light color temperature is the lowest, neutral light in the middle, natural light.

To summarize briefly:

The color temperature around 2700K is called warm yellow light (also known as warm white light)

The color temperature around 3000K is called warm white light

The color temperature around 4000K is called cold white light (also known as neutral light/natural light)

The color temperature above 5000K is called normal white light (also called cold sunlight)


Choose the right color temperature, home lighting is not only comfortable and atmosphere.

Warm yellow light is generally below 3000K color temperature, and the light is yellow, giving people a feeling of warmth, tranquility and relaxation.

Neutral light between 3000K – 5000K, red, green, blue light content accounted for a certain proportion, soft white, giving people a natural, comfortable, bright feeling.

When white light is above 5000K, blue light accounts for a large proportion, giving people a serious, cold and low feeling.

Such choice lamplight is very troublesome, remember not, how to do? Need not worry, the night light of brand of ningbo Deamak has the function that 3 kinds of color temperature switch, a lamp has white light, warm light, neuter light, according to different atmosphere demand, adjust at will, very convenient.

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Post time: Apr-12-2022