Principle of projection lamp

Projection lamp imaging is based on the principle of convex lens imaging, when the distance between the object and the convex lens is between 1 and 2 times the focal length, the inverted, magnified real image. When the convex lens is magnified, the closer the object is to the convex lens, the bigger the image is. The more far away from the lens, the imaging is smaller, therefore, to make design change is big, should make design lamp nearer the imaging lens, but into the like also produces change, the distance to the camera if do not change the distance between the lens and screen accordingly, like screen is fuzzy, comply with the laws of the convex lens imaging: reduced object distance, like a bigger, like from the larger; The distance between the lens and the screen should be appropriately increased, i.e. the projection lamp should be kept away from the screen. When we use the projection lamp, we need to adjust the lens to make the image clear. The process of adjusting the lens is to change the distance between the pattern lamp and the imaging lens (namely, the object distance).
There are many kinds of projection lamps, but their basic structure and principle are much the same. Generally by optics, fuselage, mechanical transmission, electrical control four parts. The optical part is the main part of the projection lamp, its role is to use strong enough light transmission pattern lamp, on the projection surface to present an enlarged and clear image. It is composed of light source, concentrating lens (or mirror), imaging lens and so on.
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Post time: May-30-2022