Scope of application of induction cabinet lights

Nowadays, every aspect of our life is permeated with the rapid development of the times, and obvious changes can be seen in home decoration. Like the cabinet lights that are often used in the kitchen, from the traditional mechanical switch cabinet lights at the beginning, to the popular intelligent sensor cabinet lights. The update and upgrade of lamps and lanterns can be seen as the achievements of the development of the times, and it also means the improvement of people's consumption needs.

Of course, the application range of different sensor cabinet lights is also different. Based on various needs of consumers, smart sensor cabinet lights have also derived a variety of inductive switches, such as hand-sweeping sensor switches, door sensor switches, and third-party voice-controlled switches. The following is the scope of application of sensor cabinet lights:

(1) The light at the bottom of the cabinet is equipped with a hand-sweeping sensor switch. When there is water stains on the hand, you can turn on the light with just a wave of your hand, without touching it, which is healthy and hygienic.

(2) The locker is the storage container of the kitchen, which is full of bottles and cans. In dim corners where the light source cannot illuminate, with the cabinet light, you can easily find items, which is convenient and fast.

(3) The cabinet light installed in the cabinet is equipped with a door sensor switch. When the cabinet door is opened, the light is on, and when the cabinet door is closed, the light is off. Save energy and time.


Ningbo Deamak Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a focus on the body sensor light, creative night light, eye protection desk light, Bluetooth speaker light series research and development, has a number of design and invention patents.

The company has also designed several sensor cabinet lights, such as smart cabinet lights. The hand sweeping timer model is suitable for the kitchen, and the time can be set when cooking soup; the hand sweeping clock model can be placed in the bedroom as an alarm clock. Consumers' lives have also brought a lot of convenience.

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Post time: Aug-11-2022