Social media apps, a bridge of friendship

If you open, you will be redirected to, and many functions have been disabled.
In fact, LinkedIn China officially announced on October 14, 2021 that the local version of LinkedIn in China would be discontinued later this year. Today, LinkedIn officially announced the replacement of its current LinkedIn service with InCareer, a new, standalone Chinese work app.
The same date, October 14, 2021, "Sunset of Solidification Version of Linkedin and Launch of New InJobs App Later This Year" Deprecate the current localized version.
Linkedin is a great channel for foreign trade people to develop customers, so it would be unacceptable to remove relevant features like this. How do you continue to use the basic functions of -- networking, messaging, home page, and product videos?
The solution is actually quite simple:
Currently, to use all of the original features on both mobile and PC, use the tool (ladder) and must be global mode (how to cut global mode, please consult your tool provider). IPhone: Download the international version of linkedin using the foreign Apple App Store ID; Android phones: Download the APK package from Google Play or ask a friend for it. In addition, it seems that it is difficult for some users to log in using the original linkedin account, so you can try to log in by email.


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