Solar lamp classification introduction

Household light
Compared with ordinary LED lights, the solar lamp built-in lithium battery or lead-acid battery, connected to one or more solar panels to charge it, generally charging time is about 8 hours, up to 8-24 hours when using. Generally with charging or remote control function, the appearance varies according to user needs.
signal lamp
Navigation, aviation and land traffic lights play a vital role, many places cannot power grid, and solar lights can solve the power supply problem, the light source is mainly small particle oriented LED. Good economic and social benefits have been obtained.
Lawn lamp
Solar lawn lamp, light source power 0.1-1W, generally using small particle light emitting diode (LED) as the main light source. Solar panel power is 0.5~3W, can use 1.2V nickel battery and other two batteries.
Landscape lamp
It is applied to square, park, green space and other places, using various types of low-power LED point light source, line light source, but also cold cathode shape lamp to beautify the environment. The solar energy landscape lamp can get better landscape lighting effect without destroying green land.
identification lamp
Used for night - oriented indication, door sign, intersection sign lighting. The light flux of the light source is not high, the configuration of the system is low, and the consumption is large. Low power LED light source or cold cathode lamp can be used as the light source of the identification lamp.
Street lamp
Solar street lamp, used in rural roads and rural roads, is one of the main applications of solar photovoltaic lighting devices. The light source used is low power high pressure gas discharge (HID) lamp, fluorescent lamp, low pressure sodium lamp, high power LED. Due to the limitation of its overall power, there are few cases of its application in urban trunk roads. With the complementation of municipal lines, solar photovoltaic illuminated street lamps will be increasingly used on main roads.
Insecticidal lamp
Used in orchard, plantation, park, lawn and other places. The general use of a specific spectrum of fluorescent lamps, the more advanced use of LED purple light, through its specific spectrum line radiation to kill pests.
The flashlight
Use LED as light source, can be used in outdoor activities or emergency situations.
Garden light
Solar garden lights are used for lighting and decoration of urban roads, commercial and residential areas, parks, tourist attractions and squares. Can also be according to the user needs to change the above mains lighting system into a solar lighting system.

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Post time: Jun-16-2022