The Advantage and Usage of Cool Light

    The Cool light is actually a emerging light in recent years. Its shape is exactly like a lamp tube. However, what different from the light tube is that its smaller size, more convenient installation and wider application, which is popular among young people. As a student, in order to have their own lighting area, anyone who has ever lived in dormitory should be familiar with the cool light. In particular, when the dormitory turned off at night, it’s necessary for every student to use a power bank to connect a cool lamp.

    After screening thoughtfully, a DEAMAK cool light came into my sight. It's portable and cute, but as you can find from the package, it's more upscale than your any other light. The appearance is exquisite craft aluminum and the surface is matt black. The top bulge is the magnetic base. With a strong magnetic suction ability, it can also be adsorbed on metal items even without a base, such as sucking on a refrigerator. So if the base has been glued in a position, you can also prepare some small iron sheets and double-sided tape to expand the use area. The magnet is strong enough and will not fall off easily. Of course, you can use it as handheld lighting.


    The battery capacity is2000 MAH lithium battery and the maximum power is 5w. It has magnet base, which can rotate up and down to adjust lighting angle. Besides, it also use 60 LED lamp beads of high quality, which is highlight without stroboscopic and eye protection without double shadow. On the right is a micro-USB charging port. The cool lamp is good-made without any burrs or defects.

    This kind of light has doubled NiteCore Extreme of the brightness and color temperature, which has the ability of eye protection. The range of brightness adjustment is also adequate, reading at the maximum brightness is not a problem. You can see 60 white and yellow beads placed alternately inside which enable it can adjust between 3K-5K color temperature. Different color temperatures has different feelings. Cold light is suitable for work and warm light is fit in reading.

    Ningbo Deamak Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a focus on the body sensor light, creative night light, eye protection desk light, Bluetooth speaker light series research and development, has a number of design and invention patents.

    The company has also designed several sensor cabinet lights, such as smart cabinet lights. The hand sweeping timer model is suitable for the kitchen, and the time can be set when cooking soup; the hand sweeping clock model can be placed in the bedroom as an alarm clock. Consumers' lives have also brought a lot of convenience.

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Post time: Aug-15-2022