The advantage and application of the ultraviolet sterilizing lamp

Today I will recommend the ultraviolet sterilizing lamp for you.


The wavelength of lamp bead is 275nm and the battery capacity is 2000mAh. Besides, the power is 2w and the product material is ABS. The operation is simple and you can use USB charging port. The red indicator light is on when charging, and it turns to green when it is fully charged. The red light will flash with a sound when in the low battery. It will be turned off immediately after it leaves. Once it’s sensed once, the light will be off after 6 minutes of work. Besides, it will work automatically every 8 hours.


The UVC wavelength is below 280nm, which is also called short-wave sterilizing ultraviolet. It is weak in penetration and cannot penetrate most clear glass and plastics. Besides, shortwave ultraviolet light is full of harm to human body. Short irradiation can burn the skin, long-term or high intensity irradiation will also cause skin fever.



It is suitable for bacteria on the surface of computer keyboard, wash table, mobile phone, personal clothes, bed sheets, dishes and chopsticks, makeup tools, headphones, glasses, towels, kitchen stove and so on. You should pay attention that ultraviolet sterilizing lamp can not illuminate the human body, including clothing, skin and so on. Last but not least, do not look directly at the light.


It can kill the bacteria quickly when you staying at home with your baby, saying bye bye with dangerous roommates. Besides, you won’t be afraid of bacteria when you playing with pet. With the power of high voltage, the bacteria will be killed up in smoke which is invisible and traceless, such as golden yellow staphylococcus and colon bacillus. The advantage of this is 99.9% rapid sterilization rate by using pure physical sterilization method, which protects the health of the family. It can instantly destroy the DNA and RNA of microorganisms such as bacteria, so that they lose the ability to reproduce and survive.


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Post time: Aug-17-2022