Remote Control Negative Ion Aromatherapy Night Light DMK-Z13

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The multifunctional remote control negative ion aromatherapy night light has a built-in negative ion generator, which can eliminate smoke, dust and purify the air, reducing the harm of PM2.5 to the human body; the bottom is removable, and the aromatherapy sheet is installed to diffuse the aroma through the built-in fan; it is equipped with one The remote control can adjust the brightness of the light and turn off the light for 10 minutes and 30 minutes through the remote control. Press the M button and the negative ion(negative ion type) and fan will work at the same time. The lamp body has a switch, and it can be used normally after the remote control is lost; there are night lights and RGB Two light sources of colorful atmosphere lights, which can be used according to different environments.

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Application scenarios: corridors, stairs, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms.

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Plug standard Power/w Light color Input voltage Plug option Color box gross weight/KG Product size/mm Carton size/mm Packing quantity/PCS Gross weight/KG
Two plugs 1 White light + colorful atmosphere light (90V-240V) European regulations, American regulations 0.14 98.5*64*81.5 507*342*400 100 14.8
Two plugs 1 White light + colorful atmosphere light (90V-240V) European regulations, American regulations 0.16 98.5*64*81.5 507*342*400 100 16.8

Product Information

Name Negative ion aromatherapy lamp
Product style Aromatherapy Style /
Aromatherapy Negative lon Style
Model DMK-005F
Product material ABS+PC
Lamp light source LED+RGB
lnput voltage 110-220V~50Hz
Product accessories Manual+remote control+aromatherapy
tablets (3 pieces randomly sent)

Take you into the world of remote control


1.Night light switch key
2.Negative ion/fan/Atmosphere light switch key
3.Brightness enhancement
4.Diminished brightness
5.30 minutes timer
6.10 minutes timer

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