Solar outdoor light

  • Multi – head solar induction lamp

    Multi – head solar induction lamp

    The solar sensor lamp uses a solar panel to charge a rechargeable battery. When the sun is shining brightly, the solar panel generates current and voltage to charge the battery. At night, the battery output power to the load is controlled by intelligent infrared and optical switches.

    This is a combination of multiple probes LED induction lamp, several induction lamp can be common, interchangeable with each other.

  • Simulate camera LED  light

    Simulate camera LED light

    This is a simulation camera LED night light. Solve the user charging, changing the battery trouble, using solar panels storage power supply. Its shape imitates the camera, which gives a sense of security monitoring, but also brings convenience to life at night.

  • Solar  panel  LED  light

    Solar panel LED light

    Photovoltaic panels convert light energy into electricity when illuminated, which is stored in batteries.
    In the late afternoon, when the sun doesn’t shine enough, photovoltaic panels produce less power,
    Automatic trigger switch, connect the battery circuit to make LED light.